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Clinical Nurse Manager

My name is Chandini and I am delighted to be a part of Knock robin family and it has always been a pleasure. I started working as a nurse in Knock robin hill, 4 years ago and now I am a Clinical Nurse Manager which is something I am really proud of. This is the first time I am working with the elderly in a care home setting. There are many things I absolutely love about working for this company and taking care of my resident’s reigns supreme. My nursing home is so appreciative of us as nurses and it’s such a lovely feeling, to be a part of a great team. I am much obliged to my managers for providing me adequate training and direction during my initial days and that’s why I’m holding such a responsible position in Knock robin now. I have been able to discover the value of my own experience and success.

Chandini Chandran, Clinical Nurse Manager



Senior HCA

My name is Stephanie Keogh and I have been working in Knockrobin Hill Care Home for the past three years. Knockrobin hill care home was only open 6 months when I arrived. On my very first day I knew it was somewhere I wanted to be for a long time. I started off as a HCA and in the past two years I progressed to a Senior HCA. The staff are all excellent and the team we have are amazing. I love working here because we have lovely residents and staff, and we are all like family. Knockrobin provides an excellent standard of care for our residents, and I am proud to be part of the Knockrobin team.

Stephanie Keogh, Senior HCA



Activities Manager

My name is Luke I am the Activities Manager in Knockrobin Hill Care home. I have been employed here since we opened nearly four years ago and I am proud to say I am the longest staff member. I love working with all the different teams from HCA,Nurses,Catering, and housekeeping to provide such a high standard of care for our residents. I love working in Knockrobin Hill as I have the freedom to design activities and social interaction for the residents in a way they choose and desire. Having the support from Curam and Knockrobin for further education and training and find different avenues to further the activities department and improve my skills has been great as we are able to provide care and social engagement for all residents with different abilities. Knockrobin really care about their residents and put their needs and wants first before all and is a home and company driven by person centred care.

Luke Coughlan, Activities Manager



Housekeeping personnel

My name is Sharon and I am employed in Knockrobin Hill care Home in Wicklow Since March 2022.I work in the Housekeeping Department and I enjoy working here. I look forward to showing up for work when I am rostered because of the amazing team that I work with. The Care team operates with a positive attitude, and they greatly respect and care about the residents and the staff. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be surrounded by friendly people who are upbeat and genuine. This is exactly the working environment I love to be in.

Sharon Nelson , Housekeeping personnel



Senior HCA

My name is Orlagh and I work as a Senior health care assistant (SCHA) in Knockrobin Hill Care Home. I have worked in Knockrobin Hill Care Home for just over 6 months and have a enjoyed my time there so far. Working as a healthcare assistant can be very challenging at times, whether it be physically, mentally, or emotionally but when you have a good team behind you it makes all the difference. After only working in Knockrobin Hill for 6 months I have bonded with so many staff members, so many residents and their families. A major pro to my job is bond you make with residents, you learn to love them like your own family. You remember things like their favourite colour, their birthday, how they like their tea and all about their past times. From the moment you walk into Knockrobin Hill, the bond between staff and residents can be seen from the front door between the receptionist, the cere staff, the catering assistants, etc. There’s somebody from every department across the home that has a special bond with at least one of our residents. I know I have so many amazing colleagues within Knockrobin, but I’ve also made lifelong friends which is a major benefit and makes my work life so much more enjoyable.

Orlagh Hosey , Senior HCA