Our Care

We provide a range of care packages to ensure our residents experience is enjoyable. We have a number of care options available across our portfolio:


A home is a sanctuary, a retreat from the outside world that should be happy, comforting and uplifting. Our new homes will be designed with this core idea in mind, considering how each space contributes and builds upon this experience.

Creating a Home is at the heart of what we do


Our buildings strive to nurture close-knit communities, the arrangement of all shared spaces including entrance lobbies and corridors, lounges, sitting rooms and dining rooms will be designed to create opportunities for social interaction, whether planned or unplanned.


Our objectives are

  • To foster an atmosphere of independence and choice where residents can feel confident in themselves and their own abilities
  • To provide a holistic and confidential approach to care which insures individuality, dignity, empathy and understanding.
  • To strive to deliver to our residents the highest standards of nursing, medical and personal care
  • To ensure care is evidence based as indicated by the Health Act 2007 (Care and Welfare of Residents in Designated Centres for Older People) Regulations 2013, amendment Regulations 2016 and HIQA National Standards for Residents in Care Setting for Older People in Ireland.


Taking Care is at the heart of what we do


Philosophy of Care

Care is at the heart of what we do, we believe in Healthy Ageing and helping our community of residents to Age Healthily and Actively. The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing has identified 9 steps to Healthy Ageing and at Curam Healthcare we strive to help our residents along each step.


Healthy Ageing

  1. Access to Services

At our Homes, we provide twenty-four-hour nursing care with Registered nurses around the clock. Medical care is provided under the direction of visiting doctors. We have a Doctor on call facility at all times. All other services will be provided like Dentistry, Chiropody, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Hairdressing and many more services will be available in our care homes.


  1. Diet and Nutrition

At Curam Healthcare we believe that diet and nutrition play a key role in health and wellbeing.

Our experienced chefs are trained to facilitate special dietary requirements such as Vegetarian, Coeliac, Renal and Diabetic. Meals will be served in lovely bright and airy dining rooms.

All meals are prepared daily, with fresh local ingredients and we offer a choice of meals.

If residents wish they can have their meals served in their own bed room.


Education and Life-Long Learning

The concept of life-long learning doesn’t just mean obtaining employment-related qualifications, it also means promoting learning throughout the life for the well-being and enjoyment of all.

Our Homes facilitate learning through our libraries where residents can relax and access up-to-date reading materials, fictional, non-fictional along with other educational materials.

We also have IT facilities, Internet access and Wi-Fi where residents can avail of online educational material and courses, we also plan to provide courses for residents in different subjects.


Employment and Volunteering

Employment and other activities such as volunteering are associated with the maintenance of good health of older people. Our residents are encouraged where possible to take part in the community in our Care Homes and in the wider community.

We provide a range of care packages to ensure our residents experience is enjoyable. We have a number of care options available across our portfolio:


Environment and Accessibility

The quality and accessibility of the environment where an older person lives can have a significant bearing on how active they are. Generally, the more accessible and age-friendly an environment is, the more active older people may be. Our homes have been designed specifically as Care Homes that have taken the safety and mobility of our residents into consideration.

Good health is associated with access to green areas and the time spent outdoors, all our Care Homes have Gardens that are accessible and we also have outdoor activities and excursions.


Long Term Care

All our facilities specialise in Long Term Care and creating a home from home is one of our aims.  A safe, comfortable place where the individual’s needs are taken care of and their wellbeing is nurtured based on their individual needs.  They become part of the Curam family and their own family and friends are welcome in our facilities to visit as often as they like.


New Technologies

All our homes have state of the art equipment, and have Wi-Fi access throughout the building, family and friends can keep posted on our news and events through our Facebook page.


Physical Activities

People who are physically active are generally healthier than those who are inactive: they have lower levels of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, better general health and vitality, a lower risk of falling, better cognitive functioning and reduced levels of depression and other mental health issues.


A full activities programme has been designed which will encourage participation in daily activities that promote physical, mental and social wellbeing, we have various activities in our facilities including Yoga, Pilates and other gentle exercise.


Social Inclusion and Participation

Increased social inclusion and participation leads to more enduring networks of family, friends and carers, and greater involvement in social life. All of which help to reduce loneliness, depression and other mental health issues and are associated with generally improved health.

We have various events and outings, treatments, pampering, wellbeing, therapies, activities, as well as lovely communal areas to sit and chat in.  Our residents immediately become part of the Curam community of staff and fellow residents.  We have flexible visiting hours


Healthy Ageing is at the heart of what we do