Interested in applying for our Company Trainee Health Care Assistant Programme? Send a copy of your up to date CV and a cover letter clearly stating why you would like to do the programme to [email protected].


Curam Care Homes is committed to excellence in employee training and development. We aim to create a culture of learning where all employees, in partnership with Curam Care Homes, take responsibility for their own continuing professional development and training.


We have designed a Trainee programme for Health Care Assistants to encourage more people to move into the healthcare sector and help us provide quality care to our residents. The two stage programme provides both a theoretical and practical framework that supports Trainees on their journey to securing a QQI Level 5 qualification in Care Skills and Care of the Older Person.


The Trainee will become an employee of Curam Care Homes under a Fixed Purpose Training Contract to complete their QQI Level 5 in Care Skills and Care of the Older Person modules within a 9 month period.


Stage 1:


  1. The Trainee must complete all mandatory training before commencing work with the Company and starting on the roster. This will be completed in two ways – (a) through the training portal and completed in their own time for all the online elements; and

(b) for the practical elements of the training, they will be paid for their onsite time. This typically covers Manual Handling, Patient Handling and Fire Safety.

  1. Sign up to the QQI Level 5 Care Skills and Care of the Older Person with our training provider, currently Chevron Training. Complete the Personal Progress Consent Form with Chevron to enable the ADON to liaise with Chevron to follow their Their tutor details and projectcourse work submission dates will be included on our internal evaluation forms;
  • This is an online course and the Trainee must initially register and complete their learner verification with The Trainee has 4 months within which to complete their two modules and submit their assignments (including their signed Supervisor reports – these mustbe signed by the ADON based on the internal evaluation sheets in place and discussion with their mentors). These assignments are then corrected, and this process can take up to 8 weeksso the course from registration to results normally takes approximately 6 months to complete.
  1. The Curam Care Homes Trainee Evaluation Sheet must be completed during the period of both the work experience and the student The Trainee must complete the Chevron release form so that the designated contact person in the home (normally the ADON) can contact Chevron on an ongoing basis for updates on their progress.
  2. The Company will pay the cost of the course fees (current rate €395) to our training provider for the In the event that the Trainee fails to complete the course for


whatever reason before the end of the contract period (9 months), then their contract will be terminated and the Company will retain the cost of the course from their final wages;

  1. During the contract period, the Trainee will be working as a Healthcare Assistant on our roster for up to a maximum of 72 hours per Remuneration is currently €11.00 per hour;
  • In addition, the Company will pay the Trainee for 1 hours per week of study to be completed in their own time in order to support the completion of their coursework. Payment of these hours will be made at the end of the successful completion of the course and attainment of the qualification. If the Trainee fails to complete the course for whatever reason before the end of the contract period (9 months) there will not be any payment for these study hours.


Stage 2:


  1. Following successful completion of the QQI Level 5 Care Skills and Care of the Older Person modules, the Trainee may apply for a Health Care Assistant permanent contract (which includes a 6 months’ probation period) starting on the first position of the Company’s salary scale. This will be subject to the normal interview process and availability of suitable roles within the business;
  2. If the Trainee completes the course successfully before the contract period of 9 months, they may apply at this earlier point for any available permanent